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The countries of Westalis and Ostania have been waging a cold war for years where espionage and assassinations are commonplace. The incomparable spy known as “Twilight” is Westalis's best agent with the goal of taking on the powerful Donovan Desmond. The fucked up thing is that Desmond is an antisocial hermit whose only public appearances are at his son's school functions. Twilight will need to get close enough to the target to thwart their secret agenda. For that, he only has to pretend that he is a family man... with the small detail that he only has 7 days to form the ideal family. That is why, under the identity of psychiatrist Loid Forger, Twilight will recruit Yor Briar, an Ostanian civilian who wants to keep a low profile, and Anya, an orphan girl who is only looking for a loving family, to play the parts of wife and daughter respectively. But it turns out that this pair is not normal either, especially when we