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In relation to the psychological essence of the various kinds of people who prey on others, dark psychology can be seen as studying the human condition. The truth is that there is the potential for any single human being to victimize other people or other living creatures. Most people prefer to suppress their dark impulses and prevent themselves from acting on any desire they have because of social norms, a human conscience, and other factors. There is, however, a small percentage of the population that is unable to hold their dark impulses in check

If you know techniques used by these people not only you can defend yourself but you can use these techniques for your advantage and become more successful

Dark psychology is continually being used by those who want to regulate their behavior to get what they want. All in all, everyday survival requires awareness of this subject.

This book covers:

· What are the dark psychological tactics used by mental manipulators?

· What are the side effects that dark psychology has on the minds of people?

· Why individuals with dark personality traits act to govern their lives

· How toxic individuals pick their preferred victims

· How persuasive individuals use dark psychology to regulate the minds of their victims

· How to interpret non-verbal contact used to manipulate individuals

· Precise techniques for quickly interpreting body language

· How to spot dark psychology techniques for NLP

Dark Psychology Secrets & Manipulation by Amy Brown

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